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Leah Kardos on The Next Day (part 1) - interview with Arsalan Mohammad, albumtoalbum podcast (March 2023)

Feature: Walking Up That Hill… The Hounds of Love 33 1/3 - interview with Sam Liddicott, Music Musings and Such (March 2023)

42 Minutes
- Episode 383: Leah Kardos, Blackstar Theory (podcast interview with Douglas Bolles, February 2023)

Print Run: Top 10 music books of the year - The Wire 2022 Rewind, Issue 467, p49 (Jan 2023)

'Dancing Out in Space' - review of Blackstar Theory: The Last Works of David Bowie by Rupert Loydell in the International Times (August 2022)

'Blackstar Theory' - New Books Network [podcast] (August 2022)

'Fifteen Questions Interview with Leah Kardos: Framing the Chaos', Fifteen Questions [part 1] [part 2] (May 2022)

'I Was There - Bowie author Leah Kardos on the opening night of Lazarus', Juno Daily (9 May 2022)

'Leah Kardos: Pushing Against Boundaries' – in conversation with David Ashworth, The New Music Café (May 2022)

Leah Kardos, Tony Visconti and Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra - interview & feature by Bob Fischer - Haunted Generation (April 2022)

Review of Blackstar Theory: The Last Works of David Bowie in The Wire, Issue 458 (April 2022)

Hold Onto the Colours podcast (Paul Melia) - #44 Leah Kardos (April 2022)

Review of Blackstar Theory: The Last Works of David Bowie in Uncut, Issue 299 (April 2022)

Introducing Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra with Dr Leah Kardos - interview with Stewart Pink, Phoenix 98 FM (15/02/2022)

The Style Council - feature on Stylophonika by Bob Fischer, including interview with Tony Visconti & Leah Kardos - Electronic Sound magazine, Issue 85.

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra - Stylophonika - review by Der Ohlsen, 20 + 22 = 42 ! (06/02/2022)

Bowie Book Review 1: Blackstar Theory: The Last Works of David Bowie by Leah Kardos - review by Steve Francis in Bowie Fascination (13/01/2022)

'Blackstar Theory: Bowie calls on us from the other side of death' - review by Andres Lokko in Svenska Dagbladet (11/01/2022)

Not Turning Off, Volume 26 - review of Stylophonika by Concrete Islands (12/01/2022)

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra Interview - with Chi Ming Lai for The Electricity Club (30/12/2021)

Leah Kardos and 'Blackstar Theory': The Interview - with Chris O'Leary for Pushing Ahead of the Dame, (20/12/2021)

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra - Stylophonika - review by Bob Fischer for Electronic Sound Magazine, Issue 84

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra - Stylophonika - review by Chi Ming Lai for The Electricity Club (06/12/2021)

Leah Kardos - Bird Rib - review by Matt Werner/ (03/12/2021)

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra: Stylophonika - review by Complex Distractions (07/11/2021)

BBC News - The limited edition David Bowie Stylophone (19/09/2021)

Leah Kardos kicks off Juno Daily’s In The Mix series…- Juno Daily (05/01/2021)

2020 In Review - The Artists' Verdict - Juno Daily (22/12/2020)

Spotlight on Leah Kardos - Little Phase - David Ashworth, The New Music Cafe (20/12/2020)

Ben Willmott's Tracks Of The Year 2020 - Ben Willmott, God Is In the TV (09/12/2020)

Pulse: Leah Kardos: Academic's Experimental Classical Licks - Ben Willmott, Electronic Sound magazine, issue 69 (09/2020)

[Video Premiere]: Leah Kardos (Live Session) - Son of Marketing (interview & live video performance 24/06/2020)

KUSO TAKES ON SPACE ODDITY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM TV - David Bowie Official (blog & video 17/12/2019)

Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra record David Bowie classic Space Oddity with super producer Tony Visconti - Kingston University Press Release (17/12/2019)

2017 in review: Journeys in Post Rock, Experimental Folk, & Electronica - Stationary Travels (review/best of 2017 list 03/01/2018)

ACL 2017 - Top Ten Modern Composition (review/best of 2017 list 19/12/2017)

[Interview] How YouTube Changed My Music World: Talking Heads from the Industry (video 01/11/2017)

Leah Kardos Rococochet - Chris Redfearn-Murray, a closer listen (review 12/09/2017)

Approved: Leah Kardos - Andy Malt, Complete Music Update (review 11/09/2017)

Various Artists - The Exquisite Corpse - a closer listen (review 02/06/2017)

Approved: Bigo & Twigetti - The Exquisite Corpse - CMU (review 02/05/2017)

Women in (New) Music: 50+ Pieces of Advice from Women Composers - Second Inversion (interview 08/03/2017)

The ShortListen: Leah Kardos (no. 360) - ShortList (review 03/08/2016)

Showy Bowie - Bianca Zander / New Zealand Listener (press 01/08/2015)

(Interview) David Bowie Is with Leah Kardos - with Sonja Hammer, Joy 94.9FM Melbourne (28/07/2015) (listen again/podcast)

Slowly, surely: R Andrew Lee piano work picks up the pace - Seth Colter Walls, Guardian (17/06/2015)

Pianist Lee brings clarity, order and hope to Spectrum program - George Grella / New York Classical Review (19/06/2015)
A review of a concert that included the Northern American premiere performance of my Three Preludes

Leah Kardos Speaks to James Black at St Pancras Old Church - Chaos Theory (interview 09/06/2014)

Leah Kardos: Three Preludes on Bigo & Twigetti - R. Andrew Lee / I Care If You Listen (review 04/02/2014)

Leah Kardos - Three Preludes EP - SpacesFM (15/11/13) (review)

Leah Kardos - Machines - Echoes & Dust (05/2013) (review)

Ruthless Jabiru: A Stimulating Programme by London's Australian Orchestra - Gavin Dixon/Seen and Heard International (10/05/13), previously published at Orpheus Complex (09/05/13)
A review of the concert that included the world premiere of "Kick".

A Ruthless Performance from London's All Australian Orchestra - Australian Times (10/05/13)
A review of the concert that included the world premiere of "Kick".

Ruthless Jabiru in Concert - Government of Western Australia European Office/ (10/05/13)
A write up on the concert that included the world premiere of "Kick".

Leah Kardos' Machines on Bigo & Twigetti - David D McIntyre/I Care If You Listen (review 01/03/13)

Leah Kardos - Machines - Barcode (review) (Feb 2013)

The Melody of Memory - Muso Magazine, Matt Evans (feature - August/September 2012)

Interview with Leah Kardos - Headphone Commute (24/02/2012)

Feather Hammer (Bigo & Twigetti) - Headphone Commute (24/02/02012) (review)

(Interview) Hanging Out With Leah Kardos at the Steinway Hall | Hang #2 - I Care If You Listen (interview 15/02/2012)

Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer - Echoes & Dust (12/01/2012) (review)

HurdAudio Rotation: Pianos, Theatrics and Two-by-fours - Devin Hurd/ HurdAudio (22/12/2011)

'DFACE' by Leah Kardos - Beautiful Song Of The Week (19/12/2011)

Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer - Peter van Cooten / (reviewed 7/12/2011)

Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer - Barcode (review)

(Interview) 'Composers: Leah Kardos' - Chris McGovern / The Glass (01/10/2011)

'Feather Hammer: a progressive collection of short pieces threaded together as a tone poem on the composer's relationship with the piano as her first instrument' - Chris McGovern / Chamber Music Today (01/10/2011)

'New Music: Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer' - Acid Ted

'Leah Kardos: Feather Hammer - a journey into new worlds of what music can be' - Chip Michael / Interchanging Idioms (17/09/2011)

'Introducing Leah Kardos' - Fictionfish (17/09/2011)

Resonance 104.4FM The Clear Spot - Leah Kardos presents "Feather Hammer" (Sept 2011)

'Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer' - Telephant (16/09/2011)

(Interview) '5 Questions to Leah Kardos (Composer)' - I Care If You Listen (25/02/2011)