Interview + Live Looping Session from Home


an interview I did recently with Son Of Marketing, where I talk about Bird Rib, my love of IDM and Trip Hop, my cultural roots and favourite places. There's also a somewhat improvised live looping set, recorded at home during Covid19 lockdown in early June. Yes that's a baby blanket muffling the piano strings. For the loop/mix I'm using Ableton Live 10 and an APC mini.

The first piece 'Retracing Your Lines' is a new one, coming out soon on Bigo & Twigetti's
Perceptions compilation.

Set list:
  1. [00:14] Retracing Your Lines (Unreleased)
  2. [06:05] Contact Mic
  3. [10:40] DFACE/Bird Rib
  4. [19:10] Rosamund Chime